About me


Nicole Cadiz Founder of Smittens

My needs in life are simple – to be happy, healthy & to add value whereever possible.

I want the most effective & healthy solutions to everything, at the most cost effective price. This goes for my skin and beauty regime too!

An entrepreneur/business woman, gym fanatic, model and mother trying to balance life every day is tough, let alone my skin’s PH levels.

I suffered with acne in early adulthood, still spend much time in the sun and don’t get enough of the right stuff in my diet, so using abrasive or highly chemical products on my face, is not an option. I wear makeup everyday & have very sensitive skin & eyes (with eye lash extensions).


Just TRY it you will love it

After years of buying & trying cleansers, I researched the huge benefits of using water only to cleanse skin and developed a magic cleansing mitt.

With the revolutionary components of micro fiber & warm water, I designed the smitten that COMPLETELY cleans my skin in under a minute.

My smitten removes even water proof make up while it “absorbs” the grime deep in my pores, gently exfoliating with each use, leaving my skin feeling fresh and smooth. Like MAGIC!

For the price of a cup of coffee every day, a smitten will last you 2-3 months. It’s a no brainer!

I have used nothing else to cleanse my skin in over 3 years & can count the number of “spots” I have had since on one hand. Regular use actually balances your natural skin acid mantle & changes the texture of your skin.

I thought I would spread the love a bit, so I “created” the smart mitten family. A smitt just for men’s unique skin needs and a really soft & gentle smitty for kids of all ages was born. Same principle - smart, safe and effective cleansing for us all!

Just try one – if you don’t become smitten with your mitten, let me know and I will gladly reimburse you!

Love it! Nicole