1. Wet with warm water.

2. Wipe gently over the face and neck. No need to rub or scrub, the fibres are incredibly effective with just a light wipe.

3. For stubborn makeup, hold the warm Smitten over the eye area for a few seconds, and then gently wipe away. Natural oil, like coconut oil or oil combinations, can also be used to further loosen heavy makeup and waterproof mascara.

4. Release the dirt from the fibres by washing it with any bar soap, rinse thoroughly, and hang to air dry.

5. Pat the face with a cold Smitten to close the pores and lock in moisture.

1. Wet Smitt and gently wipe all over face, neck, shoulders and chest.

2. Wash with bar soap and rinse thoroughly under water.

3. Hang by the tag to air dry.

Feeding – Wet Smitty and wipe hands, face and dirty areas – safe for teething.

Bathing – Gently wipe head, face and body with water only for a complete bath, use finger tip to reach those hard to reach areas – ears, underarms, etc. Can be used with chemical-free baby cleansers.

Nappy changes – Wet Smitty and clean baby’s bottom with peace of mind that you aren’t allowing chemicals to ruin their skin’s microbiome. Wash clean with bar soap or pop in the washing machine, and hang to air dry. *

* Mark each Smitty with its use and keep separate from each other.

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