Our Mittens

No Chemicals

Smart mittens contain no chemicals, the revolutionary design makes them clean like MAGIC & suitable for use on even the most sensitive skins.

Perfectly with warm water

Smittens can be used with cleanser, but work perfect with just warm water. The cleansers can help lift dirt while the mitten massages your skin to remove dead skin cells/impurities & pulls them into the cloth.

Daily use

With daily use it offers a delicate exfoliation, guaranteeing the effective removal of excess grime & 99% of the bacteria from your skin, leaving it smooth & healthy!

Amazing and so smart

Fun Facts about our mittens

  • Combine gentleness with incredible durability

  • Washes up to 200 times and maintains their effectiveness (and softness).

  • Absorbs 7 times it’s own weight in moisture

  • Dries 3 times faster then any other cloth

  • Deep cleans without the tugging and pulling on the skin

  • Excellent for overall cleaning (face, neck, ears, eye area & decollage)

  • Especially suited for those people who are allergic, have dry, aging or sensitive skin

  • Phenomenal for people who suffer from acne, exfoliates as it cleans

  • Cleans from the depth of the pores and removes oil and bacteria from large pores instantly

  • Helps maintain a clear complexion & literally smooths out skin tone in days

  • No chemicals are required when using (pH) is constantly maintained and restored.

  • Perfect make up removal. Can be used with a cleanser.

  • Environmentally safe – using warm water only to cleanse

  • Reusable - a mitt can be used for 2/3 months (approximately 200 washes or more)

  • The cloth is not treated with any chemicals nor does it contain any

  • Totally machine & hand washable

  • Removes almost 90% of skin surface bacteria


Smittys - Mom’s magical companion

There are NO chemicals used in this micro fiber cloth & it is NOT treated with any harmful agents. It’s the revolutionary material that makes it absorb more particles of dirt and bacteria than any other fabric known. It is safe for your baby - it just works!
  • Machine washable

  • Use to wash, wipe, clean & sterilize skin on hands, face & nappy area

  • Non-bacterial forming

  • Smitty is suited for sensitive skin on faces & bodies

  • With regular use, replace after 2 months

  • Convenient, safe and gentle enough for every day use