Janine Peters


I’m a Jozi girl who found her happy place in the Mother City, Cape Town in 2008. Best way to describe me is a sparkling rosé on the one hand, but a fire cracker on the other. I’m soft by nature, but life’s lessons have made me resilient. I live in a happy home with my hubby and our fur baby, Teagan.

My marketing background gave me exposure to many different industries, but by far my favourite occupation is being the guardian of Smittens and servicing the beauty industry.

The founder, Nicole, and I connected over more than just Smittens, we share the same values of originality, authenticity, passion for quality, sustainability and love for people. Our strong desire to offer the best and stand above the rest is what drives us.

I took over the business in 2016 after seeing the difference Smittens had made in my own skin, and how easily the cleansing routine fitted into my lifestyle. Personally Smittens really rocked my boat because of its sustainability, its convenience, its flexibility and finally, its simplicity – I firmly believe in getting the basics right, in this case – CLEAN SKIN.

Like many women, I have dipped my ‘nose’ into many skincare treatments, but however you choose to treat your skin, its best asset will always be the ability to replenish and repair itself. By keeping it squeaky clean you help support its own functions. Additionally, products and procedures on the skin thereafter, will be more effective. I am passionate about helping everyone, from individuals to professionals, to get the cleanest skin, and the smoothest finish. Please connect with me on social media – I’d love to get to know you better.

If you don’t become Smitten with your mitten, let me know and I will gladly reimburse you!

Nicole Cadiz Saks


Smittens was founded by Nicole Cadiz Saks in 2013. Out of her own skin care needs, she researched the benefits of using only water to clean her skin, and developed Smittens which is made out of specifically formulated microfibre. Nicole is a born entrepreneur/business woman, gym fanatic, model and mother, and trying to balance her busy life is tough enough, let alone her skin’s pH levels. After she saw how smitten everyone became with the product, she spread the love – Smitty for babies and Smitt for men were born.

“I have used nothing else to cleanse my skin in over 7 years & can count the number of “spots” I have had since on one hand. Regular use actually balances your natural skin acid mantle & changes the texture of your skin.”

Contact Info

Located in: Cape Town, Western Cape

Phone: +27 82 890 3965